Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Cultural Change in New York Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Cultural Change in New York - Essay Example This paper tells that the artists move to New York City because of the increasing developmental opportunities and the facilities provided for the promotion of arts. The diversity in culture is also due to the great opportunities New York City offers. A large number of immigrants from various regions of the world has also diversified the culture of New York City and the original culture of the city has now been replaced by a culture which is an amalgamation of the cultures of various different regions of the world and the modern urban culture. The various changes that took place in the culture of New York City can be accounted for a large number of immigrants that came to live in the city. The current culture of the New York City is an amalgamation of Indian, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Caribbean and Jewish culture because of the large number of immigrants from these regions living in New York. Various different events of these communities were added to the cultural calendar of N ew York City during the 20th century. Comparing to other regions in the US, New York City has received more immigrants from foreign countries and that is why the effect of foreign culture is not that evident in any other areas. The development that took place in various cultural aspects of New York during the 20h century is the largest in the history. Dance, for example, was modernized in the 20th century. The various genre of dance was developed during the 20th century which included contemporary ballet which eventually led to the emergence of the New York City Ballet, the largest dance company of that time.

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