Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The color purple; shades of gender discrimination Annotated Bibliography

The color purple; shades of gender discrimination - Annotated Bibliography Example t of Alice’s work appears to be due to the fact that she herself was brought up in an area where there was forceful gender and color discrimination. Alice’s work stresses indirectly or directly upon the significance of women being independent within the male oriented society. The whole idea of the work according to Bates was depending upon vulnerability, behaviors and decisions which women envisage when held or caught up during challenging situations and there is clear appreciation for the kind of women who stand up for themselves and their own betterment. Harold bloom inspects the practical tone of Alice Walkers writing and points out the negligence of romanticism from her work unlike any other female author which makes her writing style rather straight forward and to the point. Harold considers her work portraying the strength of family and blood, self esteem, and spiritual bonding. Her work shows the difference between the circumstances faced by women in that time and women of this global era. Alice’s work shows her feminist nature by sketching a woman producing divergence in her duties of being an obedient and sacrificing wife, this attitude displayed in some of her characters created a hunger among African American women to become equal to men in society. Merriam Webster provides a good definition of deviant behavior as the one which is accepted as a norm. The use of it eludes the difference between the attitudes shown towards male and female. As females being considered, something disgustingly different from the norms of the society .Even though women at that time had started to recognize the powers and potentials gifted by God to herself having no proper rights of their own they were always in an arguable position. This study focuses on the importance of arts and its impacts on the relationships among men and women. This study scrutinizes the significance of arts even affecting the literary champs to produce some resistance against the silence

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